RJX1 Airframe

These videos show the performance of RJX1 during its maiden flight. We pay special attention to aircraft performance that suits UAV operations. During the UAV Courses and Training, the exact secrets to designing and producing these machines will be revealed to clients. To learn more about UAV Courses and Training, click here: UAV Courses.

Why We Build UAV Airframes Strong

In this video we show what can typically happen during the early stages of conducting UAV testing and during a mission that has some (or all!) natural elements such as strong wind working against you. A UAV is a 'system', ALL components must work harmoniously and must be in tip-top condition. Should a problem develops that results in an unavoidable emergency landing or crashes, then the only protection the onboard avionics and payload system have is the shell of the airframe. If you use a flimsy and lousy airframe, then there's a chance that the avionics and payload will be damaged. But if you use a strong and robust airframe to absord the impact of the force, you are likely to re-use the avionics and payload system. And in the case of RJX1 and PT1, you will be able to fly the airframes again!


Through experience flying UAVs, we've developed these strong and robust airframes that are truly UAV ready, ... and they are ready to serve you! This video contain scenes from our early testing days (2002 - 2005). We do 'testing' to learn and discover problems, pushing the envelop of flight just that tiny bit further, as shown in this video. Obviously ALL these problems have been investigated and rectified, which solutions can be found in our best products today. Enjoy the videos!


Serious Flight Testing for your Viewing Pleasure


This job was done in 2004. These videos feature an example of the work we do and the sort of challenges we face during a typical day of flight testing. In this video you will see how the team tamed a 1/6th scale MIG-29 fighter jet RC controlled aircraft that came complete with twin-turbine engines and retractable hydraulic landing gear. Bear in mind that the video was shot in 2004 ... some of these technologies have evolved and improved today. Enjoy the show. 












Videos of Tuning Exercises Coming Soon






Videos of Tuning Exercises Coming Soon




Our History

Here are some videos of prototypes that led to the creation of RJX1 and PT1. This is where it all began.

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