WHO? Asmara Aerospace is a private-owned company. We started providing UAV products and training services in 2008. Our passion? To train clients in the art and science of building Advanced Technology. We started this obsession with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). But that passion grew to other technology. Today Asmara Aerospace offers a range of multidisciplinary hands-on training courses; from Microprocessor Programming to Composite Material Manufacturing to Fabricating 7-layer PCB Boards.

We put together the best brains (and hands) in town! Malaysians with international qualifications backed up by research and working experiences in the field, come together to share the know-how with our clients. Providing big clients with access to knowledge is our highest priority, We arrange for the technology transfer to take place in a relaxed and stress-free teaching environment. Clients will have 1001 questions ready for us, usually, and we will answer them with the best available knowledge we have throughout the course. We pride on this 'human interaction' part of the business. Showing and guiding hands-on is our mantra. This is why, language, to us has never been a problem nor a barrier. Once we show what we mean, the language of 'Ah! I see!' is always the same. Through Step-by-Step we teach, until the clients understand and able to make their own. Highly interactive!


Quite Simply ... What we do, is we fill up the missing link between the experience received from higher education and the crucial experience needed in the industry. We close the gap between the higher education and the current industry, in the shortest time. Much of what we offer to clients, are problems we faced ourselves, those days. For example, UAVs. Let's consider a scenario. A problem arise when a government sponsored program requires a UAV to be built from scratch, to meet the needs of an application. In their team, an expert knows aerodynamics from the course taken in school but have never built a plane before. And another expert perhaps, knows about mechanical design but have never designed a wing. And then, there is the master in microprocessor, who have built one or two successful PCB boards. But none have ever built a UAV, nor seen one, let alone work with one. To start from this point, means the team (and their government) will have to endure an excruciating painful learning curve. Cost, time, political implications too, will be at risk.

We make the learning curve, short, successfully!


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